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Pine Sol Is The Secret To A Better-Smelling Trash Can
The garbage can is where all of your food scraps, paper towels, and general trash go, so it can often be odorous. However, you can deodorize it with the help of Pine-Sol.
Use Pine-Sol like an essential oil or fragrance on your trash can. Pour it on an absorbent such as a panty liner, paper towel, microfiber cloth, or
a wad of cotton balls.
Put the absorbent in the bottom of the garbage can to trap the scent in the can, and the scent should waft out every time you open the drawer or cabinet.
When you throw out the garbage and are ready to put a new bag in, use the absorbent to quickly wipe down the bottom and sides, as the Pine-Sol will kill any new germs.
For best results, add fresh Pine-Sol to your cloth or towel before wiping and the trash can will be squeaky clean. Note that Pine-Sol should be used undiluted
to be most effective.