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Pinterest's Unique Trellis Idea Will Turn Your Plants Into Fashion
If your local home improvement store's selection of plain rectangular trellises leaves you uninspired, consider making Pinterest's trellis built from a wire dress form.
Separate the dress form from its stand and affix a wire basket to its bottom by turning it upside down and sliding it over the pole. This helps to anchor the trellis to the ground.
If the stand's feet curl up, snap the basket into place; if not, secure it by twisting on pieces of wire. Put a tomato cage over the stand's pole for more climbing opportunities.
Cut the cage to size, flip it upside down, and slide it over the pole. Screw the dress form into place on the pole's top, then use small pieces of wire to attach the cage.
If the dress form has an opening in the middle for a plant, use more wires to attach the second hanging basket over the back of the hole. Then spray paint it your preferred color.
Now, anchor the trellis to the ground by inserting several landscape pins over the base basket at intervals. Then, start planting the climbing plants you chose.