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Place A Soup Ladle On Your Fence And Watch Birds Flock To
Your Yard
With this easy DIY project, you can repurpose an old soup ladle into a snack station that’s perfect for your garden birds to feed from, as it holds about ¾ of a cup of bird feed.
TikToker @our_upcycled_life shared how to attach a soup ladle to a wood block so it can be hung up. She used hers as a tea candle holder, but it’s ideal as a mini bird feeder.
Straighten the ladle’s handle first if necessary, then attach it securely to the wood block with U-shaped nails. Hang your bird feeder on your fence, and fill it with birdseed.
Ensure the ladle rim is free from defects since it also provides a tiny perch for your bird friends to enjoy. Being able to perch safely will encourage birds to use the feeder.