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Placing A Firepit On
Top Of Your
Patio Paver Backyard May Be A Mistake
Adding a firepit on top of your patio pavers could cause damage and discoloration, but you can still have one if you make changes to your design.
If you're designing a new paver patio and want to add a firepit, use pavers around the perimeter but not under the firepit, or you can use pavers made for firepit building.
A fire bowl can also be included in the design by removing the paver structure and placing it in the center. They have a circular, bowl-like shape that helps in fire control.
These bowls fit within the concrete structure and protect the pavers from discoloration but not heat. You'll still need high-quality concrete pavers to create a strong structure.
If you're not interested in any type of structural change to the paver patio, consider the addition of a portable firepit that contains the fire in a metal structure.
These are a good option because they are portable, which means you can rearrange the patio as much as you need and want to do so.
However, even though a fire pit won’t cause a fire
to pavers made of brick, stone, or concrete, it will cause discoloration. It’s why you should consider getting
a firepit pad.
These are large mats of various sizes you can place under the firepit. Most are made from rubber or polyester and they should be fire-resistant, non-flammable materials.