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Plant This Colorful Flower To Keep Annoying Weeds At Bay
Creeping mazus is a ground cover plant renowned for its rapid, sideways growth, which effectively suppresses weeds by occupying the space they would otherwise invade.
Also known as Mazus reptans, it features vibrant, symmetrical, two-lipped lavender flowers that bloom through spring and summer and are sometimes accented with touches of yellow.
The plant thrives in USDA zones 5 to 8 and boasts slender, hairless, 1-inch-long, velvety green leaves that remain lush year-round in warmer climates or until fall in cooler zones.
Reaching a height of just about 2 inches, creeping mazus withstands foot traffic, pests, and diseases, making it an excellent, hassle-free alternative to traditional grass lawns.
This semi-evergreen perennial loves the sun, requiring more than six hours of direct exposure daily, but it can also adapt to partial shade and tolerate most soils, including wet.