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Plant This Fast-Growing Ground Cover To Add Color To Your Lawn
Ground cover is often planted to cover bare areas, fight weeds, and control soil erosion. Instead of using turfgrasses, opt for the colorful perennial Lilyturf instead.
Lilyturf starts as a tiny clump of ½-inch wide, mostly dark green leaves that grow almost 2 feet tall. It blooms six-petaled purple, pink, or white flowers in the summer.
The flowering plant grows shiny, bluish-black, berry-shaped fruits that can survive the winter and lush foliage year-round that keeps pollinators happy.
Lilyturf grows fast, spreading as wide as their height. Expect a solid cover in two to three years if planted 15 to 18 inches apart, or four years if planted 2 feet across.
Blue lilyturf grows in clumpy mounds that will stay in their lanes. Creeping lilyturf spreads via underground stems, quickly covering a bare zone and choking plants in their path.
A low-maintenance plant that tolerates salt, cold, heat, and drought, Lilyturf can survive in most well-draining soils. Plant in full sun to avoid elongated leaves and few flowers.