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Plant This Gorgeous Flowering Herb For A Thriving Edible Garden
Borage is a beautiful flowering herb that will work wonders in your edible garden. Its bright blue flowers add beauty to a functional space and attract pollinators.
Edible gardens need pollinators to help them produce fruit. By planting a plant with lots of flowers like borage, you're welcoming pollinators to your garden.
In addition, borage is an herb with edible flowers that can be prepared as a vegetable, so it fits in perfectly with your other edible plants like fruits and veggies.
These plants are popular among bees, earning them the nicknames "bee bread" and "bee bush." They also attract lacewings and ladybugs, which will eat common garden pests.
Borage isn't super picky about its conditions: It tolerates poor soils and loves sunshine; as long as you don't expose it to a hard frost, it should be happy.
The herb will also benefit your garden by adding trace minerals to the soil. Borage gets along best with strawberries, tomatoes, spinach, legumes, and Brassicas.