A black wasp perched on a leaf
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Plant This Low-Maintenance Tree To Naturally Repel Wasps
As summer approaches, the presence of wasps at outdoor events can be a significant nuisance. An effective and natural way to repel these pests is to plant eucalyptus trees.
The potent, minty smell of these trees overwhelms wasps, blocking their receptors and causing instant irritation, which keeps the pests away from areas where the trees are planted.
Eucalyptus trees can be grown in containers as shrubs or trees. They are relatively low-maintenance, needing only about six hours of sunlight daily and good drainage to thrive.
These trees are not particularly sensitive to humidity or temperature changes, so they do well indoors as well as outdoors and can grow fairly quickly under the right conditions.
For optimal results, consider planting eucalyptus trees in areas of the yard where you and your family spend the most time to ensure uninterrupted outdoor enjoyment.