Fall border garden with purple flowers and ornamental grass
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Plant This Perennial To Ensure Stunning Late-Season Color
In Your Garden
Watching the last of the summer blooms fade as fall sets in can be bittersweet, but fall phlox is a plant that will undoubtedly deliver gorgeous late-season color to your garden.
Stretching to heights of up to 6 feet and sporting cones of pink or lavender blossoms, fall phlox blooms from June until October and returns reliably year after year.
Easy to grow, this perennial loves the sun and doesn't require much water. If you lack ground space for planting, fall phlox grows well in containers for a deck or patio garden.
Its flowers range from white to blue to vibrant pink, so planting a mix of colors is a great way to add lots of visual interest to your flower beds until your first frost.