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Plant This Popular Vegetable Next To Your Carrots For An Unbeatable Harvest
Companion planting is the art of combining species in your garden to get better results, and carrots and radishes make great companions due to their growing patterns.
Radishes grow faster and get harvested first, protecting carrots as their seeds germinate. Plus, since radishes grow shallowly, they won't steal nutrients away from carrot roots.
To give this magic carrot-boosting trick a try, plant a row of carrot seeds, then add a row of radishes right next to them just a few inches away — 4 to 6 is ideal.
Get radishes that mature quickly — some varieties like winter and daikon radishes may grow too slowly for companion planting. Plan to harvest the radishes in three to four weeks.
After the harvest, the carrot seedlings will have the space and aerated soil to thrive. If they're growing too close together, thin out the carrots so they're 3 to 4 inches apart.