Close-up of vole hiding in burrow
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Plant This Purple Flower To Prevent Voles From Eating Your Plants
Although bearing a striking resemblance to the adorable hamster, voles can be real pests in most gardens. To prevent them from snacking on your flowers, try planting alliums.
Purple ornamental allium may look like a lilac, but its odor betrays its true relation to onions, garlic, and chive. This strong aroma is off-putting to a vole’s sensitive nose.
Research shows that voles tend to avoid ornamental alliums, so if you plant them near flowers that voles like to eat such as tulips, you can protect them from the furry critters.
If the purple blooms don’t match your gardening aesthetic, you’re in luck: Ornamental allium exists in a wide variety of shapes and colors all well-suited to handle a vole problem.