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Plant This Veggie Next To Your Strawberries For The Tastiest Harvest
Companion planting is all about balance in the garden, and you may be surprised to learn that strawberries and onions balance each other out perfectly.
Onions have a harsh scent, which makes them particularly good for cloaking more appetizing plants nearby, like strawberries, that are likely to be eaten by insects and snails.
Different kinds of onions possess the qualities you need, with pungency being the most important. For this purpose, spring onions and salad onions are both solid choices.
Onions and strawberries both need well-draining soil and full sun, so they can be planted together in early spring. Try to alternate onions and strawberries in rows.
In addition, spring onions can be quite tender when they first start to grow, and the larger strawberry plants with their leafy foliage can act as a sunlight filter.