Blue shovel digging up soil
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Planting Irises Is A Breeze With TikTok's Genius Shovel Hack
Irises are a firm favorite due to their delicate beauty and low maintenance. However, you need to dig fairly deep holes to plant each individual baby iris, which is hard work.
TikTok came up with a method that makes it much easier to dig those holes. You use your shovel to make an "X" in the soil so it’s easier to lift the dirt and plant your iris.
First, center the shovel over the spot where you want to plant your iris, then step on the blade to dig into the soil. Turn the shovel 90 degrees and dig in again, creating an "X."
Next, place your shovel at the end of one of the lines you just dug, step on the blade again, then press down on the shovel handle to gently lift the dirt until the "X" opens up.
Place your baby iris in the hole, pull the shovel out, and the soil will close back over the iris. Do this for each plant, and make sure to water them when you’re all done.