Hummingbird feeding on flowers
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Plants That Encourage Hummingbirds To Nest In Your Garden
Red Buckeye
This plant’s bright scarlet, tubular flowers bloom for a month every spring to provide both food and a safe place to sleep for any hungry hummingbirds in your garden.
Native Monarda
There are two varieties of monarda that are native to the U.S. Each one features beautiful blooms and a delicious nectar that are guaranteed to draw
in hummingbirds.
These white-flowering trees come in a variety of species to suit your yard’s needs. Their small branches and sweet blooms make the perfect home for hummingbirds to enjoy.
Yellow Poplar
This poplar tree’s significant height, grand leaf cover, and tempting cup-shaped blooms make it an enticing place for hummingbirds to make their nest year after year.
Cardinal Flower
Hummingbirds gravitate toward the color red, so they’re highly attracted to cardinal flowers. These tall spikes of color can grow almost anywhere in the U.S.