A hummingbird flying near a flower.
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Popular Flowers That Will Keep Hummingbirds From Coming To Your Yard
Coneflowers are large, beautiful perennials, they’re easy to grow, and they attract many kinds of pollinators into a garden, including birds, bees, and butterflies.
However, hummers are not attracted to coneflowers as some believe that hummingbirds prefer longer, tubular-shaped flowers because of their long beaks.
Oriental Poppies
Hummingbirds seem to love red flowers in particular, so one may assume that red oriental poppies will work as an attractive welcome sign for these birds.
Interestingly, some have discovered that hummers don’t normally visit oriental poppies, perhaps because these flowers don’t have a tubular shape either.
While some believe that irises do, in fact, attract hummingbirds, the opinion is divided, as others claim that they’ve never seen hummingbirds visit irises.
Perhaps this is because the muted blueish-purple color of irises can’t compete with other more vibrant-colored blooms in the garden.
Tulips are not enticing to hummingbirds. This may be due to the lower levels of nectar they provide in comparison to other flowers that these birds feed from.
Even if you only plant red tulips, hummingbirds may choose other flowers over them. However, these flowers are more likely to attract bees with their pollen.
Roses don’t have much nectar to offer either, so hummingbirds will lose interest in them even if you plant red roses.
Hummers also struggle to drink from roses due to their wide openings. This is why hummingbirds are only attracted to more vibrant-colored and tubular blooms instead.