Field of sunflowers under a blue sky.
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Prevent Birds From Devouring Your Sunflowers With These Tips
Sunflower seeds boast high nutrition and gentle digestion for birds, making them an attractive choice for these creatures. Fortunately, you can deter them in just a few easy steps.
Start protecting the seeds approximately four to six weeks after the initial blooms emerge, as your sunflowers begin to mature, by covering them with garden fleece or netting.
Cut a garden fleece or repurpose an old pantyhose to cover the top three to four inches of the stalks and the flowerhead, then secure it with a string.
These light fabric covers block the birds without inhibiting sunlight. While it may dim your garden’s charm slightly, it’s highly effective in ensuring a thriving sunflower plant.
Alternatively, use paper bags after punching a few holes along the sides and top. The National Sunflower Association also recommends using bird-repellent sprays.
You can also deter birds using reflective devices like mylar ribbons or decoy predators. Placing birdfeeders or planting lure crops away from your flowers can help too.