Faucet covered by snow
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Prevent Frozen Pipes During Winter With This DIY Faucet Cover
Frozen pipes can lead to costly damage. As temperatures drop, exterior faucets become vulnerable, making freeze prevention crucial to avoid bursting pipes.
Crafting a DIY faucet cover that shields faucets from freezing temperatures is simple and cost-effective. All you need is a 2-liter bottle, duct tape, string, and a towel.
Start by tying the string to the faucet handle and wrapping the faucet tightly with your towel. Cut a 2-liter bottle in half, unscrew the lid, and thread the string through it.
Carefully slide the bottle half over the faucet, enclosing the towel inside. Pull the string taut, then reattach the lid to hold the string and faucet cover in place.
For extra security, seal the edges of the bottle with tape where it meets the house. Consider adding hand warmer packets inside the cover for prolonged warmth in short freezes.
If you can’t DIY a cover, letting your faucets drip in cold weather can relieve pressure and prevent freezing. Make sure the faucet drips at a rate of five drops per minute.