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Prevent Plant Damage With A Pool Noodle In Your Garden Planters
The stalks of some plants in container gardens can hang over the planters' thin rims, leading to limp, broken branches. To prevent this, place a pool noodle on the container’s rim.
As shown by TikTok's @rooftop2table, pool noodling the rims supports the branches of fruit-laden climbers and hollow-stemmed vegetables, reducing breakage and increasing harvest.
First, buy pool noodles or use old ones of any size. The wider the diameter, the more cushioning for your plant, and the longer the noodle, the more planter rims you can cover.
Whether you're covering the whole rim or just one section, measure accordingly and cut the noddle to the correct size. Then, slice lengthwise down the noodle to the hollow center.
Slip the noodle over the rim and press down until it fits snugly. You can add your noodle to a planter before potting up the plant or to a pot with something already growing in it.