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Prevent Snakes From Slithering Into Your Toilet With One Simple Trick
It can be truly frightening to open a toilet's lid and find a snake relaxing in the bowl. To prevent this situation, you only need to seal any cracks around your toilet with caulk.
If a snake has found its way inside your home, the toilet bowl could be one of its favorite places to hide because the water in the bowl can provide sustenance and safe shelter.
Since snakes can enter through the smallest openings, inspect the area where your toilet connects to the floor for any crevices or cracks. Then, apply a waterproof caulk if needed.
Additionally, if the old seal is wearing away or broken, it's likely time to replace the caulk around your toilet. For this, first peel off the cracked caulk and clean the floor.
Next, use your caulking gun to make a thin layer around the base of your toilet, then smooth the substance with the caulking gun or with your gloved hand.