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Prevent Stored Books From Getting Musty With This Laundry Essential
To keep your books smelling fresh while in storage and eliminate musty smells, use this easy hack that involves using ordinary dryer or fabric softener sheets to help absorb them.
Laundry sheets can serve the same purpose in books that they do in the dryer. Slip them between pages, or even between books, to help tackle odors like mildew and smoke.
Simply slip a sheet between every five to 10 pages of books. To give the entire bookshelf a fresh scent, place a sheet between every few books on the shelf.
If you’re allergic to or want to avoid using laundry sheets, try archival microchamber paper or scented drawer liner sheets instead.
Keep in mind that laundry sheets can damage the ink and any photos in your books. Because of this, avoid using this approach with antique or valuable books.