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Propagating Succulents Couldn't Be Easier With Martha Stewart's Tips
Many succulents are easy to propagate yourself by removing a leaf from the main plant and placing it on top of moistened soil, and Martha Stewart has tips to make it even easier.
For most succulents with fleshy leaves, like jade plants, sedum, or echeveria, propagation with a leaf requires a few simple steps and a trip to the store for rooting hormone.
Be sure to propagate a healthy and well-hydrated plant. Martha Stewart says to "gently pull off a leaf from its stem, dip the torn end in water, and then into the rooting hormone."
Then, place the leaf in a quarter-inch deep hole within a pot of succulent soil. Irrigate it and cover it with a clear glass bowl, letting it dry out between waterings.
In a few weeks, your succulent should be ready to transplant. Stewart also claims, "If you'd like a larger result in less time, try propagating succulents by using stem cuttings."