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Property Brothers-Inspired Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Pet-Friendly
Drew and Jonathan Scott, hosts of “Property Brothers,” made the most pet-friendly kitchen remodel ever, and you can take tips from them to make your kitchen a pet paradise.
In the episode "Celebrity IOU," the brothers added a pull-out drawer on the island to hold pet food on one side and supplies on the other side, with hooks to hide away dog leashes.
They also installed on one end of the island a fitted watering station with a durable quartz base, backsplash, and a repurposed pot filler that makes refilling bowls a breeze.
If you don't have an island, you can still replace a cabinet with a pull-out bin for pet supplies or add a low backsplash and base in the area where you keep your pet's water bowl.
In the same episode, the "Property Brothers" updated the kitchen with light-colored oak hardwoods, as the durable flooring is surprisingly resistant to damage from pet toenails.