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Property Brothers' Tips For A Showstopper Bedroom Without Going Broke
Creating a luxurious, showstopping bedroom doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive project. Some home renovation shows can teach you how to achieve your dream layout on a budget, and the “Property Brothers,” Drew and Jonathan Scott, have a few tricks to create an affordable yet jaw-dropping bedroom.
You don’t need expensive furniture to have a nice bedroom, you just need to keep everything clean. Make sure your bed is made, your room is free of clutter, and your furniture is regularly dusted — for extra sparkle, keep a fresh set of flowers on your bedside table to ensure your room looks clutter-free and beautiful.
If you grow flowers in your garden, place them in a vase to decorate your bedroom, or use a potted plant to brighten up your space. Flowers provide a Property Brother-approved pop of color, and home-grown flowers are super impressive!