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Protect Your Back When Working Under The Sink With This Ironing Board Hack
When tackling plumbing repairs under the sink, the awkward position of lying on your back can become uncomfortable and even lead to injuries like muscle strains or herniated discs.
TikTok creators Jeff and Liz (@dailyoriginalvids) have shared a brilliant hack for protecting your back: repurposing an ironing board into a makeshift
mechanic creeper.
By closing the legs to flatten the board and then laying it down on the floor perpendicular to the sink with one end propped up on the ledge, you can create an angled platform.
This setup allows for a more comfortable position while working on plumbing, providing a better view and easier access to the pipes, all while minimizing the risk of back injuries.
It's worth noting, however, that ironing boards are typically built to support around 15 to 20 pounds with their legs extended, though they can bear more weight when laid flat.
For added stability and comfort, placing a 4-by-4 wood post underneath the ironing board can enhance support, and a towel laid over the board can provide additional padding.