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Protect Your Garden As The Weather Changes With This Bed Sheet Hack
As the seasons change and the weather gets colder, heavy snow or rainfall can weigh down trees and shrubs in a garden and break them. Wrapping plants in bed sheets can save them.
If the sheet touches the leaves or branches, they can freeze together and cause damage. To avoid this, first create a structure over the plants you want to cover with the sheet.
You can make tubular arbor trellises, tomato cages, or even bean pole teepees. You can also DIY wooden box frames to custom-fit your plant’s exact size and shape.
With the structure in place, secure a heavy bed sheet over your plants with rocks, strings, or zip ties. Make sure it’s taut so it doesn’t sag under the weight of snow.
Plants accumulate moisture on their leaves and bark during the wintertime. The sheet will stop the cold air from coming in contact with that moisture, which could result in burns.
The sheet will also trap heat, which will allow the plants
to stay at a comfortable temperature as the polar vortex rages on outside.