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Protect Your Garden From Birds With This Dollar Store Hack
Certain birds, like bullfinches, can be your garden’s greatest enemy and destroy its greenery. Luckily, a hack using cheap dollar store items can stop these unwanted guests.
To build protective plant "stations," you'll need white gardening fabric or bird netting roll, large binder clips, two hula hoops per station, and heavy-duty scissors.
Cut the hula hoops in one place, cross them over each other in an ‘X’ over your garden, and plant 4 to 6 inches deep. Crossing them may not be needed if you have rows of plants.
Drape the fabric or netting the tent’s frame and, starting on one side, cut the material to be a little bit longer than you may actually need.
Tuck the ends in at the top before clipping the cloth down onto the bottom and top of the hula hoop. Begin working on the other side and repeat this process until you have a tent.
If you need additional help keeping these unwanted guests away, try putting some feeders around so the birds have another food source besides your garden.