Gloved hand weeding a vegetable garden
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Protect Your Garden From Weeds With An Eco-Friendly, Affordable Trick
Although weeds are the mortal enemy of any gardener, there's an affordable and eco-friendly item to keep them from your yard, and you can likely find it in your home.
Dryer lint prevents weed growth when used as a barrier between seeds and the soil. It also helps kill established weeds by preventing them from getting enough sunlight to grow.
First, check your dryer sheets for chemicals that might harm your garden. Avoid using lint from clothes with synthetic fibers that won't break down in the soil.
Get rid of any weeds already in your soil, then place a thin layer of lint around the bottom of your plants. Cover the lint with some mulch to stop it from blowing away.
Most lint is biodegradable, making this simple trick environmentally friendly. However, it must be reapplied periodically, especially after rainstorms.