Pool noodles in the swimming pool
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Protect Your Hands When Doing Yard Work With This Pool Noodle Trick
Using a rake for a long period of time can leave your hands feeling sore and blistered. To prevent this, simply use a pool noodle on a rake's handle to cushion your hands.
As shown by TikToker @jmg8tor, spray some WD-40 inside one end of the pool noodle, then carefully slide your rake's handle inside the noodle to create a comfy cushion.
The cushioned handle with a comfortable grip will help prevent blisters as you're working in the yard while also widening the handle and making it easier to maneuver the rake.
This hack is even more beneficial if you have any issues with carpal tunnel, arthritis, or overall grip strength. This trick also works on shovels, brooms, and other such tools.