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Protect Your Knees While Cleaning With This Pool Noodle Hack
Protecting your knees while cleaning is essential to avoid pain and potential injury. A clever solution is to create a soft, absorbent kneeling pad from pool noodles.
Start by acquiring either hollow or solid pool noodles. Cut them into even sections, using a length of about 18 inches as a guide, which is the standard size for
these pads.
Then, assemble three to five of these sections together. You can use a variety of materials to do this, such as tape, rubber bands, yarn, twine, or thin fabric scraps.
While hot glue is an option, it may melt the foam, so consider using a more appropriate adhesive. A waterproof rubber glue is a good choice for this type
of foam.
For added convenience, consider making an outer cover for your kneeling pad using old fabric. This cover would be easily removable and washable, keeping your pad clean.
Alternatively, if you prefer the pad without a cover, simply spray the noodles with diluted vinegar and wipe them down with a soft cloth in between uses.