Ripe tomatoes hanging from the vine
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Protect Your Tomato Plants By Planting Onions Nearby
When paired in a garden, onions and tomato plants complement each other in many ways. Onions act as a natural pest deterrent, shielding tomatoes from aphids, thrips, and gnats.
This happens because onions release a sulfuric smell that is unappealing to these pests. On the other hand, tomatoes produce a chemical that repels a different spectrum of insects.
The best thing about this pairing is that you can use any variety of onions — scallions, leeks, Maui sweet, chives, or garlic — as they all emit the protective
pungent odor.
Additionally, onions aerate the soil with their shallow roots and enrich it with the sulfur they absorb, which provides neighboring tomato plants with nutrient-dense food.
It is advised to grow tomatoes and onions in alternating rows and keep a distance of 1-2 feet between each plant to cater to their distinct watering and nutritional needs.