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Protect Yourself From Wooden Tool Splinters With This WD-40 Hack
Since dry wood is more susceptible to cracking, drying, and splintering, WD-40 helps protect it by sealing in its natural moisture and preventing it from drying out.
As a blend of lubricants and other ingredients that prevent corrosion and clean away dirt, WD-40 also protects the wood from dirt and damage from external moisture.
If your wooden handled tools aren't new, gently sand them with medium-grit sandpaper first, smoothing out any splinters and priming the surface for WD-40 to grip and soak into.
Then, spray the wood surface with the lubricant, letting it soak in for about 15 minutes before wiping off any excess oil with cotton rags or an old towel.
You can also apply the WD-40 by spraying it onto a rag and rubbing it on a wooden handled tool, but you have to work quickly before it soaks into the rag.
Apply WD-40 only when your tools are thoroughly dry. You should also apply it after sharpening your tools since metal fragments from sharpening may get trapped in the oil.