Woman pruning red peony flower
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Prune These Plants And Trees In The Summer To Keep Them Healthy
Trim this hardy shrub in early June, just after its spring blooms. This timing helps remove dead branches before new buds set in, ensuring healthy growth for next year.
Mock Orange
In the summer, prune these shrubs after flowering and remove errant branches to encourage new growth. For best results, trim only one out of every five old branches.
Pruning azaleas within three months after flowering, typically in late spring and early summer, will help shape it and protect new buds for next year. Avoid over-pruning.
Garden Phlox
To manage your phlox’s growth and encourage more flower heads, remove a third to a half of stem height in early June. Try deadheading to prolong bloom time as well.
Deciduous Magnolias
Trim this shrub in mid-to-late summer when the leaves are fully unfurled. Cut away weak, dead branches and vertical shoots to allow it to grow back strong.