Yellow pumpkin with leaves.
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Putting A Yellow Pumpkin On Your Porch Actually Has A Special Meaning
By D.G. Sciortino
In recent years, the iconic Halloween pumpkin has taken on new meanings, with its various hues being used to make trick-or-treating more inclusive and enjoyable for all children.
A yellow pumpkin on your porch signals that children with special needs, or who can’t greet you with the usual “trick-or-treat!” will still have a positive experience at your home.
The trend was started by Laura Slatter, whose son has apraxia of speech, a neurological disorder that affects a person’s ability to coordinate the movements required for speech.
Slatter created the Yellow Pumpkin Parade to raise awareness about her son’s condition, and other disabilities, driven by a heartbreaking trick-or-treating experience they had.
“A yellow pumpkin says that the child holding this pumpkin out for a piece of candy [...] can [walk away] with that candy and joy,” Slatter explained via Kickstarter.