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Queen Mary's 1938 Paint Choice Foreshadowed A Major
Decor Trend
The dining room of the British Royal Family’s Sandringham Estate was given a touch of lush, minty green by Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth II’s grandmother, in 1938.
Often referred to as Braemar green, it livened up the space, accentuated the lovely tapestries hanging on the walls, and encouraged jubilation, tranquility, and solace.
Soft greens have been trending lately, as they ground consumers to nature and promote a soothing and nurturing space. Green also tends to symbolize fortune and prosperity.
Netflix’s “Bridgerton” and “The Crown” have contributed to the growth of the royalcore aesthetic, with vintage pieces, hardwoods, and golds and brass becoming popular.
Green offers as much design freedom as creams and beiges. It is a gorgeous all-over paint color, or it can be used in smaller pieces such as cabinets, credenzas, or lamp bases.
There is no right or wrong way to use this versatile color, but deciding what you want to accentuate or pair it with will guide the process of creating the perfect space.