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Questions You Should Be Asking A Prospective Interior Designer
What is your creative process like?

Asking this question helps understand how quickly, efficiently, and professionally your designer works, while understanding who they are and their priorities. Ask about how they begin a project and what you can look forward to throughout the process.
How do you decide which projects to take on and which to pass?

You’ll want to make sure that your views and concepts line up with those of your interior designer. Whereas you may not have the same interests or personality, you want to be able to be on the same page during the entire project.
How do you feel about client involvement?

Before asking your designer this question, you need to ask yourself how much you want to be involved. Deciding this beforehand lets the designer know how much creative freedom they have, and failure to communicate can delay the project and create disagreements.
How well do you work with other managers and developers?

Major projects often require major teamwork from all parties involved. Asking how they work with others helps give you an idea about their past experience working on a team and how they’ll work with others on your project.
Has there been a time when a client disliked your work?

Sometimes, parts of your project just won’t end up how you imagined them, and you’ll want to feel comfortable expressing this. Knowing how they handle those situations and solve problems is important in this decision.