A smoke alarm
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Quiet Your Chirpy Smoke Alarm With These Clever Tips
Remove the battery from an alarm and disconnect it from the wall power (if applicable.) Then press the "test" button until you hear a beep, and "silence" it.
9-Volt Battery
To replace your 9-volt battery, remove the cover and then carefully disconnect the battery. Replace the old battery with a new one and perform a test/reset procedure.
Clean It
Dust the outside of the alarm with a microfiber cleaning cloth, then use a vacuum attachment to suction the rest after you detach the battery. Test again after cleaning.
Disconnect Alarms
For alarms plugged into the electrical system of your home, you may need to disconnect the power completely. Shut your device off at the circuit breakers.
Make sure the LED indicator light shuts off and the sound silences. Wait a short time, flip the switch back on, test it, and forget until regular maintenance.
If the alarm is simply broken, you'll need to replace it. If replacing a hard-wired alarm, you may be able to simply unplug one alarm and plug the next one in.
If replacing a battery-operated alarm, consider switching to a long-life battery alarm that will require less maintenance.