Young gardener wearing gloves and working in a raised garden bed
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Raised Garden Beds Have Never Been Easier With TikTok's Easy Template
TikTok user perkyplantparent provides a brilliant hack to save money on your new garden, even if you are not super savvy with power tools.
You will need cardboard to cover the ground to keep out the weeds, four concrete planter wall blocks, and four boards which can be trimmed to your desired size.
To build the garden bed, cover the area you want to put your planter with cardboard, place your wall blocks on the four corners, then slide your wood planks into the notches.
Although the blocks were not secured to each other or the ground in the TikTok, we recommend driving a piece of rebar into the center of each corner so the beds don’t shift.
One way to limit the amount of soil and amendments you need to buy for your garden is to fill the bottom with organic items such as sticks, leaves, and grass clippings.
While many different mixtures of soil will grow a good garden, a simple blend of equal parts topsoil, compost, and peat moss is cheap and effective.