Eurasian red squirrel looking over a rock
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Reach For This Common Kitchen Item To Get A Handle On Garden Squirrels
Squirrels can quickly become a nuisance in your yard, and while there are many methods to get rid of these pests, one of the most humane is to use apple cider vinegar.
Since squirrels have a keen sense of smell, the pungency of the vinegar’s acetic acid is likely to make them feel uneasy and, consequently, unwelcome in the area.
Vinegar can also affect their sense of taste due to its overwhelming flavor, discouraging them from feeding on plants and other items in your yard where vinegar has been placed.
To make an easy spray, mix 1 ounce of apple cider vinegar with 1 gallon of water, put some in a spray bottle, and spray it around the perimeter of your yard, including trees.
You can also spray undiluted apple cider vinegar on hard surfaces around the yard, or place cotton balls soaked in vinegar in areas where squirrels tend to enter
or gather.