Old wooden cabinets with stains
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Real Estate Agents Say You Should Avoid These Kitchen Cabinetry Types
When it comes to building or remodeling the kitchen, real estate experts advise staying away from outdated wood grain cabinetry in order to have the best resale value.
Traditional, builder-grade oak cabinets with wood grain and gold stain often turn buyers off. "If you ask me, that was never really in style," says real estate agent Jeremy Porter.
Richard Grant, a Keller Williams realtor in central New Jersey agrees, "If the kitchen is outdated [...] The offer will be significantly less than an offer for a stylish kitchen."
Homeowners should also pick a cabinet color or finish that might appeal to future buyers. In addition to golden oak finishes, Porter says to avoid darker cherry-colored cabinets.
Chris Highland with Exp Realty shares that simpler styles with clean lines are not only popular but easier to maintain than those with all the fussy detailing of the past.