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Reasons People Are Ditching Carpet Flooring (& The Best Replacements)
Difficult To Clean
Carpets collect dirt and debris, and they can’t easily be mopped — they need to be deep cleaned periodically, and they take a while to dry.
Worn and Tired
Stained or less-than-new carpets make a home look old, worn, and dated. Their color, texture, or design can’t be changed and may not appeal to potential buyers.
Not Child-Friendly
Carpets absorb children’s spilled milk and other unavoidable messes. Muddy paws, fur, and toilet mishaps get deep into carpet fibers, and claws damage them.
Bad For Allergies
Pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, and other allergens hide in carpets, and even the materials they're made of can trigger sneezes and itchy eyes.
Germs And Smells
Carpets trap germs from people’s shoes, pets’ feet and coats, spilled food and drink, moisture, and mildew — which can cause it to smell bad and pose health risks.