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Reduce Poolside Clutter With These Pool Toy Storage Tips
When kids are playing in the pool, it’s inevitable for floaties to be scattered across the backyard. To maintain a clutter-free backyard and keep your pool toys safe from the sun, here are two convenient storage options to choose from.
An easy way to keep your floaties and pool toys organized is by hanging them on hooks in the shade or under an umbrella so they don’t get damaged by the sun. You can use a freestanding rack or a net where floaties can be corralled, or hang your toys and towels on clothespins to allow them to dry.
Another way to store pool toys year round is by putting them in an outdoor storage bin as they’ll be protected from sun damage and weather changes. You can also have a bin for towels too, but before you place anything inside, make sure you dry it off so it doesn’t grow mold.