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Reduce Waste With These 13 Window Screen Repurposing Ideas
Memo Board
Vintage window screens give an old-school edge that can make for a cute memo board. To do so, add a wood farmhouse frame around a window screen.
Then, string wires and clothespins across the middle. Hang from a chain against the wall and use the clips to display photos, notes, flowers, and more.
Rinse Station
Flip an old window screen flat and set it up on wooden table legs near the garden hose. Spread harvested fruits or veggies on the screen and spray them with the hose.
You can easily give lettuce and other leafy greens a preliminary wash. Additionally, place some potted plants below the screen so your washing water won't go to waste.
Pet Deterrent
Prevent your pets from digging into your potted plants. First, cut out the mesh from an old window screen the same size as your pot's diameter.
Then, cut a slit from one edge of the circle to the center, making space for your plant's stem to pass through. Wrap the mesh around the plant and secure it to the pot with tape.
Jewelry Wall
Turn an old window screen into a jewelry wall to save time and clear up your dresser. First, put your window screen in a cute frame or trim it with washi tape.
Alternatively, paint it the same color as your wall if you want it to blend in. Then, secure it to the wall with nails or command hooks and neatly display all your favorite bling.
Sun-Drying Rack
Turn an old window screen into a sun-drying rack that lets you turn your garden produce, such as tomatoes, grapes, or strawberries, into sun-dried goods for later.
First, make a box with two window screens for the lid and the bottom, plus four legs to keep it elevated. Now, lay your produce on it, close the lid, and place the rack in the sun.