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Refresh Your Outdated Kitchen With These Helpful Designer Hacks
Does Your Kitchen Reflect Your Personal Style?
While trends come and go, it’s more important to focus on both your personal style, so make small changes around your kitchen that reflect your personality.
Interior designer Raf Michalowski says, “By creating a space that you love and enjoy being in, you can create a timeless kitchen that never goes out of style.”
Michalowski continues, “Whether that’s adding a pop of color, incorporating vintage pieces, or simply decluttering your counters, small changes can make a big difference.”
Focus On Functionality Instead
Functional kitchens don’t have to be boring or utilitarian. The key is that your kitchen is tailored to the way you and your family navigate it.
“Consider making small tweaks to your kitchen to increase its usability, such as adding more storage or better lighting,” says Michalowski.
Add Personality
While functionality is important, your design choices don't have to be practical. Michalowski says to “incorporate unique decor or art pieces that reflect your personal style.”
Ultimately, the things you love and enjoy using mean more than a handful of trends picked out of magazines and showroom floors.
Focus On Curating Timelessness
“Pay attention to the details and think beyond simply selecting a few trendy items,” says interior designer Jonathan Faccone. Think about items that give the space a timeless feel.
These details can be small or large, decorative or functional, or a combination. Look for pieces that were once fads but still look aesthetically pleasing or
are personal to you.
For example, while the stylish may currently disapprove of Shaker cabinet doors, to the average person, these doors are still a timeless look in the kitchen.
Embrace The Warmth
Incorporating smaller warm elements into your kitchen can be a great approach to updating without a complete renovation. Wooden and vintage elements are a good place to start.
There are tons of approaches to adding smaller wood elements to your kitchen, such as cutting boards, bowls, baskets, basting spoons, or even frames, shelving, and cabinet panels.
"You can easily grab a few wooden chopping blocks or wooden mortar and pestle to capture the Provençale appeal of the warm kitchens," says Architectural Joiner Joe Ferguson.