Large crack running down driveway
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Refresh Your Worn-Out Driveway With These Eco-Friendly Ideas
Install pavers throughout the length of your driveway, then allow grass to form around them for a naturally cemented, well-draining driveway that requires minimal materials.
This option is perfect if you’re looking for a flexible, easy-to-install solution that can be styled to your personal needs. However, it requires additional maintenance and mowing.
Recycled Rubber
Recycled rubber presents a flexible, weather-resistant driveway option while helping to utilize existing waste that would have otherwise taken up landfill space.
The material adjusts to changes in the weather without cracking or chipping, and it is relatively cost-effective. It does have a short lifespan, requiring touch-ups after 15 years.
Crushed Concrete
Concrete that has been recycled from repairs done on damaged foundations or sidewalks provides an environmentally friendly alternative to the
classic material.
It’s more porous than the regular variety, which allows water to flow more quickly from the surface to the ground, while still providing the same look as freshly poured concrete.