Black peppercorns alongside ground pepper
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Remove Pesky Grease Stains With This Clever Pepper Hack
Grease stains on fabric can be notoriously challenging to remove, but a common kitchen ingredient — black pepper — can help you combat those pesky marks.
To use this hack, start by blotting out as much grease as possible from the stain using a paper towel. Next, sprinkle a generous amount of ground pepper over the stained area.
Allow the pepper to sit and absorb the grease for a while. Then, blot the stained area again with a paper towel to remove the grease and pepper residue.
Following this, wash the clothing piece as per its care label. While this method
is cost-effective and convenient, it's more suitable for darker-colored items.
To prevent discoloration of white or light-colored garments, it's advised to do a patch test on a small, inconspicuous area of the cloth before proceeding with the entire stain.