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Remove Pet Hair From Furniture With This Game Changing Hack
TikTok user @lakeviewliving has an easy solution for keeping your sheets and upholstery free of pet hair. All you need is a shop vacuum and a round horse hair brush attachment.
Combined with the bristles on the round attachment, shop vacs can do wonders as they are built with more powerful motors and suction capabilities than typical household vacuums.
Just place your round horse hair brush attachment onto the end of the shop vac's hose, and run the brush over all the surfaces where your pet’s hair seems to stick.
Unlike regular household vacuums, a shop vac prevents fur from spreading to other areas of your house, and the round attachment will effectively pull stubborn hair out of fabric.
This hack can also work on your pet’s bed and hard-to-reach corners of your carpet. Plus, you can keep your shop vac close by when grooming your pet for added convenience.