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Remove Rust Stains From Concrete With This WD-40 Hack
To remove rust stains from concrete, open a can of WD-40 and liberally spray it over the stained areas. Cover every rusty spot as this product breaks
down rust from within.
Leave the sprayed area alone for 10 to 15 minutes, enabling WD-40 to penetrate deep into the concrete's pores as well as the rust layers to break up rust deposits effectively.
Use a stiff brush like a wire bristle or an old toothbrush to rub in circular movements against rust stains loosened with WD-40. This helps lift away any pieces dislodged by WD-40.
Rinse the area with cold water and mild dish soap to eliminate residue build-up. If the rust doesn't come off after one scrub, repeat the steps until all traces of rust are gone.