A sink in a blue colored kitchen
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Remove Stains From Your White Kitchen Sink With This TikTok Tip
White sinks look gorgeous but can easily stain from all the food and liquid spills. To remove these stains, you'll need an upgraded cleaning product — Scrub Daddy PowerPaste.
TikToker @valerie_hhouse demonstrated in a video the potent cleaning ability of the product that costs $10, which may feel a bit on the higher side for a cleaning product.
The PowerPaste combines the absorption power of clay with enough abrasion to lift deep stains, and it works against grease, limescale, mildew, and pigments in food materials.
To use this completely biodegradable and non-toxic product, simply dampen the sponge applicator, dip it into the cleanser, and scrub the sink stain directly until clean.