Person with gloves wiping wooden handrail.
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Sticky Handrail Residue
With This
Genius Baby
Wipe Hack
Handrails are used numerous times in a day and through this daily use, the rail can get sticky — due to an accumulation of dirt, grime, and body oils — if not cleaned regularly.
Fortunately, all you need is baby wipes to get yourself out of this sticky situation. Just apply some elbow grease and move the baby wipe up and down the sticky handrail.
Wipe down your handrails with a baby wipe every week to keep them clean. However, you may need to use multiple wipes if the handrail is especially sticky.
It is important to note that baby wipes don't have antibacterial properties. So while you can use them to clean your handrails, they can’t prevent the cross-contamination of germs.