A large price tag on the bottom of a glass jar
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Remove Stubborn Price Tag Stickers With This Boozy Beverage
If you have a new item from the store whose price tag sticker won’t budge, grab a bottle of vodka and say goodbye to that adhesive residue.
To pull off this hack, all you will need is a bottle of vodka and a paper towel. Saturate the paper towel with 1 teaspoon of vodka, and apply it directly to the sticker.
Dab it and then hold it for a few seconds to saturate the tag. Then, rub a paper towel back and forth across it; the quilted surface will act as an abrasive, peeling the tag.
If the sticker is really stubborn, allow the vodka to saturate it for longer by folding the soaked towel into a square and holding it over the sticker with plastic wrap and tape.
Before trying this hack, consider whether the vodka might damage the item you're trying to remove gunk off of, as it might stain certain items like wood with its acidic pH level.
To be safe, always spot-check before dousing the item with liquid. Take a Q-tip, dip it in vodka, and rub it on a nondescript spot to see if it changes color or blemishes.